At Aon, we realise that original art needs cover that is a little beyond the norm. Which is why we have created Artscope. Developed specifically for the needs of art collectors, dealers and consultants.

We offer specialist art insurance solutions for private, corporate and public collections. So whether you need us to help protect art, antiques, jewellery or other high value property, you can be sure we'll be able to tailor the right coverage for you.

Aon can tailor the following

  • Fine art insurance
  • Art and antique dealer insurance
  • Restorers and conservators
  • Corporate art
  • Museum and gallery insurance
  • Auctioneer insurance
  • Private collection insurance including:
    • Coin collections
    • Stamp collections
    • Antique collections
    • Jewellery collections
    • Doll collections

5 top tips for looking after your art

  1. Cover - Find out what your existing art insurance policy covers. When you purchase a new work of art you might find your policy no longer gives you sufficient coverage.
  2. Expertise - Employ an insurance expert. They will be best placed to advise how best to insure the art, they'll also have tips on how to protect the art from theft or the elements.
  3. Appraisal - Make sure to get the art regularly appraised. It will ensure you get the right value for an item if something were to happen to it.
  4. Records - Keep the right records. A copy of the bill of sale, appraisal, provenance (history of past ownership) and photographs.
  5. Broker - Ensure you employ a specialist fine art insurance broker. Here at Aon we have a team of experts who understand the market and can provide bespoke solutions.

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